Standard & Poors (S&P) Sector Indexes 

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Standard & Poors Sectors (GSP)

S&P Health Care Sector (GSPA)@GT16
S&P Air Freight & Couriers (GSPAC)@GS52
S&P Aerospace & Defense (GSPAED)@GS30
S&P Paper & Forest Products (GSPAFP)@GS25
S&P Airlines (GSPALI)@GS54
S&P Aluminum (GSPALUM)@GS21
S&P Household Appliances (GSPAPPL)@GS70
S&P Automobiles & Components (GSPAU)@GS59
S&P Auto Components (GSPAUC)@GS60
S&P Automobile Manufacturers (GSPAUTM)@GS64
S&P Automobiles (GSPAUTO)@GS63
S&P Auto Parts & Equip (GSPAUTP)@GS61
S&P Beverages (Alcohol) (GSPBEVA)@GT4
S&P Beverages (Non-Alco) (GSPBEVS)@GT6
S&P Biotechnology (GSPBIOT)@GT26
S&P Banks (GSPBK)@GT30
S&P Agricultural Products (GSPBMAG)@GT8
S&P Building Products (GSPBUI)@GS31
S&P Building Materials (GSPBULD)@GS32
S&P Beverages (GSPBVGS)@GT3
S&P Health Care (Drugs- Major (GSPCARD)@GT28
S&P Health Care (Drugs-Generic (GSPCARG)@GT27
S&P Services (Advertising/Mark (GSPCCAM)@GS83
S&P Retail (Computers & Electr (GSPCCCE)@GS93
S&P Gaming, Lottery & Parimutu (GSPCCGL)@GS79
S&P Retail (Specialty) (GSPCCRS)@GS95
S&P Construct (Cement & Aggreg (GSPCEMT)@GS16
S&P Industrial Gases (GSPCHEM)@GS13
S&P Chemicals (Special) (GSPCHMC)@GS14
S&P Chemicals (Diverse) (GSPCHMD)@GS12
S&P Computers (Software&Svc) (GSPCMSF)@GT48
S&P Services (Commercial & Con (GSPCMSV)@GS47
S&P Communications Equipment (GSPCOEQ)@GT51
S&P Construction Materials (GSPCOM)@GS15
S&P Communications Equipment (GSPCOMM)@GT53
S&P Computers (Hardware) (GSPCOMP)@GT55
S&P Personal Care (GSPCOMS)@GT15
S&P Containers (Metl&Glas) (GSPCONM)@GS18
S&P Contain & Pack (paper) (GSPCONP)@GS19
S&P Engineer & Construct (GSPCONT)@GS34
S&P Containers & Packaging (GSPCOP)@GS17
S&P Computers & Peripherals (GSPCOPE)@GT54
S&P Communications Services (GSPCS)@GS43
S&P Telecommunications (Cellul (GSPCSCP)@GT67
S&P Construction & Engineering (GSPCSE)@GS33
S&P Commercial Services & Suppl (GSPCSS)@GS44
S&P Consumer Discretionary (GSPD)@GS58
S&P Diversified Financials (GSPDF)@GT32
S&P Diversified Financial Servi (GSPDFS)@GT34
S&P Distillers & Vintners (GSPDSVN)@GT5
S&P Diversified Telecommunicat (GSPDTES)@GT64
S&P Energy (GSPE)@GS1
S&P Electronics (Instrument) (GSPELCI)@GT59
S&P Electronics (Semicond) (GSPELCS)@GT62
S&P Electric Companies (GSPELEC)@GT70
S&P Electronic Equipment & Ins (GSPELEQ)@GT57
S&P Electrical Equipment (GSPELQ)@GS35
S&P Electric Utilities (GSPELUT)@GT69
S&P Services (Employment) (GSPEMPL)@GS48
S&P Energy Sector (GSPEN)@GS2
S&P Oil & Gas (Refining & Mark (GSPENRM)@GS9
S&P Energy Equipment & Services (GSPENS)@GS3
S&P Entertainment (GSPENTE)@GS85
S&P Retail (Drug Stores) (GSPETR)@GS98
S&P Financial (GSPF)@GT29
S&P Food Beverage & Tobacco (GSPFBT)@GT2
S&P Food & Drug Retailing (GSPFD)@GS97
S&P Food Products (GSPFDPR)@GT7
S&P Distributors (Food & Healt (GSPFODW)@GS99
S&P Forest Products (GSPFRPD)@GS26
S&P Household Furn. & Applianc (GSPFURN)@GS68
S&P Gas Utilities (GSPGAUT)@GT71
S&P Gold & Precious Metals Min (GSPGOLD)@GS23
S&P Health Care Equipment & Serv (GSPHC)@GT17
S&P Health Care Equipment & Su (GSPHCEQ)@GT18
S&P Health Care (Long Term Car (GSPHCLT)@GT23
S&P Health Care Providers & Se (GSPHCPS)@GT21
S&P Health Care Supplies (GSPHCSP)@GT20
S&P Health Care (Specialized S (GSPHCSS)@GT22
S&P Household Durables (GSPHHD)@GS67
S&P Household & Personal Produ (GSPHHPE)@GT11
S&P Managed Health Care (GSPHMO)@GT24
S&P Homebuilding (GSPHOME)@GS69
S&P Household Products (GSPHOPR)@GT12
S&P Lodging-Hotels (GSPHOTL)@GS80
S&P Hotels Restaurants & Leisure (GSPHR)@GS78
S&P Housewares (GSPHWAR)@GS71
S&P Industrials (GSPI)@GS28
S&P Capital Goods (GSPIC)@GS29
S&P Industrial Conglomerates (GSPICON)@GS36
S&P Industrial Machinery (GSPINDM)@GS40
S&P Insurance (Property-Casual (GSPINPC)@GT39
S&P Insurance (GSPINSC)@GT35
S&P Insurance (Multi-Line) (GSPINSM)@GT38
S&P Insurance Brokers (GSPINSU)@GT36
S&P Internet Software & Servic (GSPINTS)@GT44
S&P Software & Services (GSPIS)@GT43
S&P IT Consulting & Services (GSPITCS)@GT45
S&P Telecommunication Services (GSPL)@GT63
S&P Computers (Network) (GSPLANS)@GT52
S&P Leisure Equipment & Product (GSPLEP)@GS72
S&P Insurance (Life/Health) (GSPLIFE)@GT37
S&P Consumer Durables & Apparel (GSPLP)@GS66
S&P Materials (GSPM)@GS10
S&P Machinery (GSPMAC)@GS38
S&P Manufacturing (Diversified (GSPMAND)@GS37
S&P Machinery (Diversified) (GSPMCHD)@GS39
S&P Media (GSPME)@GS82
S&P Health Care (Medical Produc (GSPMED)@GT19
S&P Broadcasting (TV,Rad,M (GSPMEDA)@GS84
S&P Metals Mining (GSPMETL)@GS22
S&P Motorcycle Manufacturers (GSPMOTR)@GS65
S&P Retailing (GSPMS)@GS87
S&P Metals & Mining (GSPMTM)@GS20
S&P Multiline Retail (GSPMULR)@GS88
S&P Multi-Utilities (GSPMUUT)@GT73
S&P Natural Gas (GSPNGAS)@GT72
S&P Office Electronics (GSPOFEL)@GT58
S&P Office Equipment & Supplie (GSPOFFS)@GS50
S&P Oil & Gas (GSPOIG)@GS6
S&P Oil (Domestic Integrated) (GSPOILD)@GS4
S&P Oil (International Integra (GSPOILI)@GS7
S&P Oil & Gas (Exploration & P (GSPOILP)@GS8
S&P Oil & Gas (Drilling & Equi (GSPOILW)@GS5
S&P Paper & Forest Products (GSPPAPR)@GS27
S&P Personal Products (GSPPEPR)@GT14
S&P Consumer Finance (GSPPERS)@GT33
S&P Pharmaceuticals & Biotechno (GSPPHB)@GT25
S&P Chemicals Composite (GSPPM)@GS11
S&P Power Producers (Independe (GSPPPIN)@GT74
S&P Specialty Printing (GSPPRNT)@GS45
S&P Household Products (Non-Du (GSPPROD)@GT13
S&P Waste Management (GSPPROP)@GS49
S&P Publishing (GSPPUBL)@GS86
S&P Railroads (GSPRAIL)@GS56
S&P Road & Rail (GSPRAR)@GS55
S&P Banks (Major Regional) (GSPRBNK)@GT31
S&P Real Estate (GSPREC)@GT40
S&P Real Estate Investment Tr (GSPREITS)@GT41
S&P Restaurants (GSPREST)@GS81
S&P Retail (Specialty-Apparel) (GSPRETA)@GS92
S&P Retail (Department Stores) (GSPRETD)@GS89
S&P Retail (Food Chains) (GSPRETF)@GT1
S&P Retail (General Merchandis (GSPRETM)@GS90
S&P Retail (Building Supplies) (GSPRETS)@GS94
S&P Consumer Staples (GSPS)@GS96
S&P Semiconductor Equipment & (GSPSEQP)@GT60
S&P Footwear (GSPSHOE)@GS77
S&P Photography/Imaging (GSPSHOT)@GS74
S&P Software (GSPSOFW)@GT47
S&P Specialty Retail (GSPSPR)@GS91
S&P Iron & Steel (GSPSTEEL)@GS24
S&P Systems Software (GSPSYSF)@GT49
S&P Information Technology (GSPT)@GT42
S&P Technology Hardware & Equi (GSPTEHW)@GT50
S&P Telephone (GSPTELP)@GT65
S&P Textiles & Apparel (GSPTEX)@GS75
S&P Textiles (Apparel) (GSPTEXT)@GS76
S&P Tires & Rubber (GSPTIRE)@GS62
S&P Electronics (Compo Distrib (GSPTKCD)@GS42
S&P Services (Computer Systems (GSPTKCS)@GT46
S&P Services (Data Processing) (GSPTKDP)@GS46
S&P Computers (Peripherals) (GSPTKPR)@GT56
S&P Equipment (Semicond) (GSPTKSM)@GT61
S&P Tobacco (GSPTOBA)@GT10
S&P Leisure Time (Products) (GSPTOYS)@GS73
S&P Trading Companies & Distrib (GSPTRA)@GS41
S&P Transportation (GSPTRN)@GS51
S&P Air Freight (GSPTRNM)@GS53
S&P Utilities (GSPU)@GT68
S&P Wireless Telecommunication (GSPWTES)@GT66
S&P Bank IndexBIX
S&P Chemicals IndexCEX
S&P Commodity Index^SPCI
S&P Composite - Utilities@GT75
S&P Healthcare IndexHCX
S&P Insurance IndexIUX
S&P Retail IndexRLX

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