Update Times

Premium Members receive data updates at the times specified below. Please note that manual data downloads are not required. Incredible Charts automatically fetches individual packets of data from the server as you chart each stock.

US Stocks & Dow Jones Indexes Update Times

US stocks and Dow Jones Indexes are continuously updated with a 15 minute delay.

UK Stocks Update Times

LSE stocks are updated 19:30 London UK.

Forex & Precious Metals Update Times

Forex & Precious Metals data is continuously updated with a 10 minute delay.

Australian Update Times

ASX data (including ETOs & Warrants) is continuously updated with a 20 minute delay:

  • 11:00 update after 11:20
  • 11:01 update after 11:21
  • 11:02 update after 11:22
  • 16:11* update after 16:31

* market close

All times listed are Sydney time (AEST).

Canadian Stocks Update Times

TSX stocks and TSX Ventures are continuously updated with a 15 minute delay.

World Indexes Update Times

World indexes are updated after 19:15 US Eastern Time.

Time Stamp

Updates are identified by the time stamp in the top left corner of the chart:

xao time stamp

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